Online CSP Registration

Online Registration

    , Digital CSP

    Eligibility for opening & maintaining of CSP

    1. At least 21 years of age.
    2. Computer Literate.
    3. Willing to invest some money in project.
    4. Responsible
    5. Laborious
    6. Unemployed


    1. 250 to 300 sq ft outlet.
    2. One counter desk.
    3. One laptop or desktop.
    4. Internet connectivity (Broadband/Dongle).
    5. Electricity backup.

    Contact us:

    Digital CSP Services India Pvt. Ltd.

    Corporate office/Correspondent Address

    S Block, 11th lane, Jhandewalan, New Delhi, India.


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      Digital CSP services India Pvt. Ltd. is know for providing CSP services from past 10 years. It offers the digital business of micro payment of services and remmitances in real time environment. It is a India largest payment provider solution for all kind of CSP like Oxigen CSP, SBI CSP, Bank BC, Pyapoint India CSP, Sanjivani CSP and Kiosk Bank CSP.


      Digital CSP, Jhandewalan, Delhi


      +91 8981883368